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Beneath a jet of water with average mineralization and a constant temperature, the Romans discovered a natural way to cure their ills in the thermae.

Balneotherapy is an ancient medicine that dates back to the eighteenth century in Puente Viesgo.

Heart, rheumatological, circulatory and respiratory conditions, and keeping the body in trim, with its specific problems, are ageless and timeless, though you will find a pleasant cure at Puente Viesgo spa resort.

Spa Opening Times: de 8:30 H a 21:00 H

Appointments: all spa services must be reserved beforehand. To make your reservation, contact Public Relations or the spa reception.

Medical questionnaire: guests who do not visit the doctor’s surgery must fill in a medical questionnaire.

Reception: for all services guests must go to the spa reception wearing a swimsuit/swimming trunks, bathrobe, and pool shoes.

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