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Our hotel has a total of 142 rooms. We can also offer clients suites in which painstaking attention has been paid to every detail.

The rooms of the PUENTE VIESGO GRAN HOTEL AND SPA RESORT are equipped with:

  • Minibar
  • Telephone
  • Television (Canal+ and cable channels)
  • Wi-fi Internet
  • Hair dryer
  • Bathrooms with hair dryer, magnifying mirror and complimentary hotel products

** We can also provide cots for infants to meet the accommodation needs of our guests.

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Listado de promociones

  • Junior Suite

    Spacious and comfortable, the rooms are fully renovated junior suite and have a nice seating area. All have heating, air conditioning, telephone, TV Satellite TV, minibar, safe, hairdryer in the bathroom and free WiFi.

  • Suite

    Rooms with separate living area, a seating area or on a different floor in the case of duplex rooms.

  • Room with terrace

    Double rooms with terrace and wonderful views privileged environment in which we find ourselves.

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