Gran Hotel Balneario De Puente Viesgo



Health is our main objective, therefore, the medical team of the Spa of Puente Viesgo, works every day looking to offer the best hydrothermal services. Thanks to the physical and chemical properties of our waters, the equipment of our spa and the assessment, prescription and medical supervision, we can offer personalized treatments to improve your health.

The therapeutic programs with mineral-medicinal water are aimed at prevention, improvement, cure and rehabilitation of different ailments.

These programs are indicated not only for cardio-circulatory, rheumatologic, respiratory or psychosomatic diseases, but also for a wider public, such as athletes (both in preparation for competitions as well as in post-competition recovery), people with back problems derived from their work activity, as well as the general public who carry out programs seeking a healthy balance between the mental, physical and emotional levels, what the Anglo-Saxons have come to call Wellness.

Therapeutic and sports massages, hydrotherapy techniques, mud therapy… a wide range of treatments to suit your needs.

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