• What clothing do I need to use the spa?

    We put at your disposal the bathrobe, hat, and flip flops for single use, for free. The swimsuit shall bring every person.
    For Sale we also, if they wish to acquire, a spa slippers and swimsuits, bathrobes and spa with logo.

  • I can make? Treatments without staying at the Hotel?

    All treatments can be performed without staying at the hotel. It will require booking in advance.

  • Do I need to pass a medical consultation before any treatment?

    In treatments over 5 days, medical consultation is necessary to guide us on the best treatment. In shorter treatments will have to fill out a medical questionnaire before beginning any service.

  • I can perform all treatments while pregnant?

    No. The mineral waters are contraindicated during pregnancy. Still, there is a comprehensive list of services Massage, Beauty Treatments, Pool Float … you can perform that will help ease the discomforts of pregnancy and feel better at this stage.

  • Do I have to reserve treatments before arriving at the hotel?

    It is advisable to book in advance to ensure you have the time and facilities available. If you prefer to do it once at the hotel, we can not guarantee the availability.

  • What is the difference between the spa and the Water Temple?

    In the spa, hydrotherapy techniques with mineral water from the source (thermal baths in tubs and individual stays, jets, showers, steam saunas …) are joined by a long list of services (massage, mud therapy, beauty treatments …) that complete thermal demand.
    The Water Temple is an active pool circuit (bubble beds, volcanoes, massage jets …), saunas and outdoor Jacuzzi, up to two hours and a half. Has a more playful and relaxed.

  • I can enjoy spa? Upon departure from the hotel?

    Of course. Although the room has to leave at 12.00. , We offer changing rooms, showers and lockers so they can enjoy the spa all day. We will provide equally bathrobes, towels, slippers …

  • What time I can leave the room?

    The start time will be at 12:00 h. There is a Late Checkout option that will allow you to leave the room at 18.00 h., Paying a fee.

  • What time I can get to the hotel?

    The entrance is from 14.00.

  • I can pay by credit card??

    Of course. The only thing not accepted are personal checks.

  • Do I have to go outside from my room to go to the spa?

    No. All rooms are connected with the building of the Spa and Water Temple.

  • Does the hotel is in the same town?

    If. At about 200 meters from the bus stop Puente Viesgo

  • Can children do any treatment?

    The Water Temple:
    Children’s Pool ……….. From 0 years.
    Water Temple …….. In 8-12 years, 13.30 hours. to 16.00.
    After 12 years, within the Water Temple times, from 09.30 h. to 21.30., a maximum of 2 hours.
    In the Spa:
    From 3 to 14: Thermal Thermal Pool and Sauna. In some cases, respiratory treatments under medical supervision.
    * Up to 18 years must be accompanied by an adult in any treatment.