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The Cafeteria El Parque at the Gran Hotel, has a large terrace in spacious gardens with ancient trees and the imposing view of Monte Castillo.

And with María Oruña‘s permission, we are going to borrow a fragment of her novel “A place to go”, because we love that her characters sit on our terrace to have lunch, enjoying the views of the always enigmatic Mount Castillo.

Thank you María, for choosing and making known scenarios such as Puente Viesgo, its caves and its treasures. Without a doubt, it is a good place to go….

“They were on the terrace of the Gran Hotel in Puente Viesgo, right in front of the Castillo mountain, which they had planned to visit that morning.

Puente Viesgo was a small village dotted with a few houses, above which stood out the brand new and elegant spa. The Pas River split the enclave in two, green and quiet, leaving on one side the town hall and the main buildings and, on the other, the discreet Castle Hill, which they could now see clearly, and whose appearance did not bode well for the treasures it hid.”

“A place to go”
Maria Oruña

Our new MENU of Cafeteria el Parque in the Gran Hotel.

It is open throughout the year to offer breakfast, snacks, snacks … and its famous chocolate with churros.

See also snacks for groups.

Information and reservation of cafeteria tables : 942598061 / 659158681



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