The Puente Viesgo Spa offers personalized health programs for clients who come to the spa privately, as well as through programmed trips with associations and/or town councils that want to promote active and healthy aging.


The Puente Viesgo Spa offers its clients 6-day treatment programs for the prevention, improvement, cure or rehabilitation of circulatory, rheumatological, respiratory, post-surgical or psychosomatic ailments.

In these programs is the expert medical staff of our spa, who makes a clinical assessment of the patient and determines the treatment and hydrotherapy, thermotherapy and manual techniques to be used in each case to obtain the desired results.

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The Puente Viesgo Spa is the ideal place for Senior Citizens’ Associations, Senior Citizens’ Associations, Trips organized by town halls or local administrations… providing services at the highest level, accommodation, food and beverages, medical service, thermal and manual personalized treatments…

Any type of group can benefit from the curative properties as well as the preventive character derived from the therapeutic properties demonstrated by the mineral-medicinal water on certain ailments.

The programs are budgeted in a personalized way depending on the dates and needs of each group or association.

We are at your disposal to inform you without obligation. Phone: 942598061 (ext. nº1) Mail: [email protected]