Puente Viesgo Spa offers health programs at local and regional level as well as nationwide to promote an active and healthy aging.
Get to know the social thermal campaigns promoted by different entities and benefit from a great spa program.
Identify the program that best suits your needs and do not miss the opportunity to submit your application.
The Puente Viesgo Spa has been participating in the IMSERSO Social Thermal Program since its creation in 1989. This program is part of the Programs for the Promotion of Active Aging of the Ministry of Health.
The services included in this program are:
– lodging and board support
-Medical recognition upon arrival and medical prescription of hydrothermal treatment.
-continuing medical treatment
-program of socio-cultural animation
Shifts have a duration of 12 days with ten days of hydrothermal treatment.
The Puente Viesgo Spa offers this program throughout the year and the reservation request for this program can be made at any time of the year through the IMSERSO website (http://www.imserso.es/imserso_01/ Aging_active / thermalism / index.htm)

The Puente Viesgo Spa also has collaboration agreements with different municipalities of the Autonomous Community of Cantabria, offering hydrothermal treatment programs of 11 days, in this case without accommodation, and at reduced prices, so that the citizens of our region can Benefit from the curative properties as well as the preventive character derived from the therapeutic properties demonstrated by mineral-medicinal water on certain ailments.