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Water temple

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Discover your next amphibious

Discover the water temple; a new Thermal space with a large dynamic pool, saunas, baths and contrast baths, relaxing area, outside Jacuzzi with incredible forest views… This space has been created by the Gran Hotel Balneario Puente Viesgo for your complete enjoyment.

A world of senses and welfare at your disposal

You can also enjoy the thermal practices that several civilizations have been developing through history without being a guest of the hotel.

We have at your disposal a children´s swimming pool inside the water temple that can be used at any time from 9:30 to 21:30h. Moreover, kids between 8 and 12 years can join the activities of our water temple from 13:30h to 16:00, and full time if they are over 12 (always with parent’s supervision).

To make a reservation or to ask for more information, please call 942 59 80 61 (Ext 3)



  • Waterfalls
  • Swan neck
  • Volcanoes
  • Bubble beds
  • Massage Jets
  • River upstream
  • Jacuzzi 38°C
  • Well cold 19ºC
  • Pool 32°C
  • Jacuzzi 32ºC
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi 38°C
  • Children’s pool


  • Caldarium
  • Ice Cabin
  • Contrast Showers
  • Steam Bath
  • Relax Room
  • Finnish Sauna
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