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Living Passion of Castro Urdiales

The Association of Friends of the Passion of Castro, is in charge of organizing this big party, we go back in time to relive the history and who engages much of the town of Castro Urdiales.
If you want to live Holy Week, we suggest you approach Castro Urdiales, where you can live the last hours of Christ’s life.
The performance will take place on Good Friday, March 29 from 10.00am. am.
Below we detail the itinerary.
1. Last Supper
2. Prayer of Gethsemane. Judas Kiss. apprehension
3. Jewish Senate trial. Denials of Peter
4. Repentance of Judas
5. First and second trial of Pilate
6. Judgement of Herod
7. first Fall
8. Encounter with Magdalena
9. Meeting with Mary
10. Meet Veronica
11. second Fall
12. Meeting with Cyrene
13. Meet the Women of Jerusalem
14. third Fall
15. Crucifixion, death and resurrection Descent

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