Gran Hotel Balneario De Puente Viesgo


A walk through Puente Viesgo II

We continue to visit the main tourist attractions of the town.

* The steam locomotive The Brawl , we can find the Greenway walking about 500 meters away. It is an old steam locomotive 030T model , built by the German company Krauss in the year 1913. This machine rail served industrial use until the mid- 70s, and has been recently restored in 2004 by the City in memory and tribute to the railway narrow gauge Ontaneda Shipyard .

* Along the Via Verde, without leaving the village of Puente Viesgo find Wooden pedestrian bridge that crosses over the Rio Pas , next to the dam of the river Pas , form a corner that is worth contemplating .

* Corrobárceno Municipal Park: Located at the end of Paseo de la Estación in an enviable location next to the river Pas , ideal for spending the day outdoors in a natural setting. It is equipped with parking, tennis games , barbecues and other street furniture.

* Paseo del Coto: Accessed from the bowling of Viesgo Bridge located at the foot of the main bridge and runs along the left bank of the river to the dam. Ideal place to watch the beautiful landscape and the fish fauna of the river Pas Pas.El is famous for fishing for salmon and trout, and names the fertile green valley Pas.Puente Viesgo place is undoubtedly the best salmon Preserve Cantabria and one of the best in Spain .

* In the place where there is now a new bridge , rebuilt a couple of years ago, and that gives pedestrian access to the Gran Hotel Balneario , was nailed an old bridge .

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