Gran Hotel Balneario De Puente Viesgo


Ethnographic Museum Heritage Declared

History and customs of a people as unique as the people of the Valleys Pasiegos.

These are some of the museums that can be visited in the vicinity of Puente Viesgo.

Ethnographic Museum “The Man and The Field” in San Vicente de Toranzo.

Within 15 minutes of Puente Viesgo, this museum contains a large collection of farm tools in general. His collection of yokes is probably the most important in the world.

Their website is

Ethnographic Museum “Las Villas Pasiegas” in Vega de Pas

It is located in the Ermita de San Antonio (XVIII), and is divided into two functional floors: the lower part is devoted to stable and higher (or “Tascon”) to house and barn. The museum is an exact replica of the cabins pasiegas.
Phone: 942 595 053. More Info Museum here.

From here you can manage your reservation, you may wish to contact the Public Relations Department at 942598061 (ext. 1).

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