Gran Hotel Balneario De Puente Viesgo


Visit the Cuevas del Castillo and coins Puente Viesgo

The interior of the cave of Castillo, contains one of the most unique and important European prehistory, a reference to history. Its more than 275 figures, all of which are in the dawn of the presence of Homo sapiens in Europe.

On the walls of the nearly 275 meters to the visitor travels, are distributed most of the representations, ejemplificándose techniques, themes and graphics resources of the Upper Paleolithic artists used to express part of their mentality. Today this cave has the oldest Paleolithic art
world for at least 40,800 years old.
The tour of the Cave of the Currency, hides a real geological spectacle: stalactites, stalagmites, records, columns, terraces and hanging colored washes. Unlike the cave of El Castillo, parietal figurative expressions are concentrated in a small side room a few meters from the entrance area.

If you still do not know these magnificent caves, we encourage you to come to visit, because it sure will surprise you.

Cueva del Castillo Hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 09.40 to 14.40 (every half hour)
Hours Cave Currencies: Wednesday to Sunday from 09.40 to 14.40 (hourly)

Visiting time: 45 min. approx.

If you want you can make reservation at:
[email protected]

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