Gran Hotel Balneario De Puente Viesgo


Presentación VIII Jornadas de Vegetalíssimo

Eduardo Arasti has represented today to the presentation the Days VIII of Green Gastronomy Vegetalissimo, which will develop from April 1 to May 4 in the Restaurant The Garden of the Spa Hotel of Bridge Viesgo.

Forthwith of presentation also they have been present the general manager of Tourism, Stout Santiago. the mayor Puente Viesgo, Rafael Lombilla, and the owner of the Spa Hotel of Bridge Viesgo, Maria Ángeles Perez. The counselor has emphasized ” the quality and originality ” of these days, as well as the labor ” copy and dynamics ” that the Great Spa Hotel of Bridge Viesgo carries out to help to ” to enrich the tourist and gastronomic offer of Cantabria “.

” That remove celebrating eight years, much demonstrates of the acceptance and the success that encloses an initiative

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