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A walk through Puente Viesgo I

Puente Viesgo, an enclave of rare beauty and tourist landmark in the heart of Valle del Pas.

Viesgo Bridge is a town located twenty-eight miles down the road from Santander to Burgos , N -623 , which is the capital of the municipality of the same name located in the central region of Cantabria.

* Cuevas del Monte del Castillo: The Prehistoric Caves Puente Viesgo constitute the most comprehensive European Paleolithic archaeological site , declared a World Heritage caves Humanidad.Las are: El Castillo, Coins , The Pasiega , Chimneys and The Arrow .

* Interpretation Center Monte Castillo Caves: In the hall that leads to the caves, has installed a Center mismas.Paneles information about and photographs that know a little better what later would see during a tour inside the cave. There are photographs of the rock and explanations of the techniques used to perform performances as well as lifestyle of Neanderthal and Homo sapiens homo in these caves .

* Church of San Miguel: XVII.El century Belfry rest of the church is the mid-twentieth century , this temple has undergone several changes throughout history. The original building , built in the seventeenth century on the remains of an earlier and under the patronage of San Miguel only the tower and one of the chapels are preserved.
The current features are per 1948 reconstruction based on a neo-Romanesque aesthetic , with a rectangular plan , three naves and semicircular apse. The section of the cruise is crowned with a cupola on horns in the style of San Martin de Frómista , Santillana del Mar or Castañeda .
The front façade with Archivolts forward on the gable flanked by semicircular towers.
The interior decor focuses on the apse , with a sculptural frieze of the apostolate , and in the capitals of the pillars . A Christ is remarkable stone work of the great sculptor Jesús Otero Cantabrian

* Next to the church is the Casona de Fuentes Pila, City Hall Viesgo Bridge .

La Casona de Fuentes Pila is currently the Town Bridge Viesgo is declared a historical monument of Cantabria since 2002. It is located in the heart of the resort, next to the church of San Miguel and the Greenway Pas , on a farm surrounded by gardens, where the Monument is also Lieutenant Fuentes Pila.

* The monument of Fuentes Pila is located in the City Hall gardens of Viesgo Bridge to visitors. It’s must be made ​​of stone and consists of a pedestal on which the statue of the dead officer , held by a woman stands . Lieutenant Joaquín Fuentes artillery battery died during the war in Africa in 1925 while defending Kudia Tahar , strategic defense point of Tetouan , Morocco. He was awarded the Distinguished Cross of the Royal Military Order of San Fernando .

* A couple of hundred meters away from the Greenway Pas is the old railway bridge Viesgo .

* Viesgo Memorial Bridge: It is next to the station and evokes different reference points Puente Viesgo like caves , bridge or church that can be seen in detail in the image on the right .

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