Deluxe Massage

70.00 €

Manual neurosedative massage for a totally relaxing experience.

Deluxe Massage

What does it consist of?

General Neurosedative manual massage including feet and cranio-facial massage. 50 min.

Price: 70€.


*The vouchers will be valid subject to availability of the establishment throughout the year 2024.
*It is essential to book in advance and present the voucher on arrival at the establishment.
*Spa services may be modified/cancelled if there is any medical contraindication.
*You can make your purchase through the website or directly by telephone on 942598061 (ext. nº2) .
*Not all treatments are suitable for minors. Please consult the valid options.

Tarjeta envío a domicilio

12 €
Envío de bono por mensajería al domicilio indicado
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