Gran Hotel Balneario De Puente Viesgo

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  • Tratamiento del Mar Muerto


    Un clásico de nuestro balneario que incluye diferentes técnicas hidroterápicas y la Ducha Vichy, masaje bajo duchas de agua termal. Disfruta de este tratamiento de relajación con todos los beneficios de las aguas termales. 

    Tratamiento del Mar Muerto
  • Circuito Cántabro Day


    The perfect experience to discover a new space dedicated to well-being.

    Circuito Cántabro + Local Massage + Thermal Menu (lunch or dinner) in the restaurant.

    Circuito Cántabro
    Circuito Cántabro Day
  • Circuito Cántabro


    A new space dedicated to relaxation and wellness, designed as a tribute to the Prehistoric Caves of El Castillo and its cave paintings.

    Circuito Cántabro
  • Special "for him"


    It takes a facial treatment, application of marine mud in back, local massage back and legs massage gel local Cryo-Tonic.

    Special "for him"


    A different and unforgettable experience. Enter a state of deep relaxation, relieving pain and renewing energy.

    The therapist will direct our movements in the water and our own body will make the adjustments it needs to balance and find wellness, decompressing the vertebrae and stretching the muscles throughout the body passively.

    Give the gift of unique experiences.


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