Price: From 50 € Radiofrequency.

The radiofrequency current creates an electromagnetic penetrates tissue without causing unpleasant electrical sensations. The stream is introduced through the skin and into the muscle cells. On passing through the tissue, the current generates a movement trasnforma a temperature increase of said tissue, which affects subcutaneous fatty tissue, ascending to the skin, which causes vasodilation and increased blood flow in the area. This allows us to provide oxygen, and trace mineral nutrients to cells and remove the same toxins and free radicals that damage it.

Radiofrequency results are:

-Increased circulation, which improves the metabolism of both the subcutaneous fatty tissue, such as enhancing the appearance of the skin.
-Decreased fluids and toxins in which are embedded tissue adipocytes generated cellulite.
Training of new collagen giving firmness to the skin.
-Strengthening the structure of collagen, resulting in a rejuvenation of the treated area.

Before performing any procedure, the medical team at Spa, consider the case of each client, indicating the sessions and duranción thereof, and tracking of results.

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